Thursday, November 03, 2005

Adventures in the Potato Trade: Part 5

Yousa knowen what? Thissen noah such a bad idea after all! Mesa hassen been sellen deep-fried food for less dan two days, and mesa maken' a killing! Everyting goin' mesa way for some reason - most of der potato businesses of der galaxy be fallen' into mesa lap for noah apparent reasonen, der ones dat noah did hassen goin' bust, and theresa hassen been huge increasen in demand for fatty deep-fried food. Dat strange short guy with der glowing eyes, mesa seen himsa lots more times around der building. And every time hesa looken at mesa with hissen big, round eyes, thissen all seemen' like a better and better plan.

Mesa hassen noah been getten much of mesa paperwork done, but Senator Padme issen away on Naboo so shesa will noah noticen. Mesa far too busy at mesa computer, orchestraten potato companies and fast food stores across der galaxy. Issen almost-

*Jar Jar slumps over his keyboard. A diminuitive figure in a brown robe shuffles from the shadows towards him and begins typing*.

Well. It seems this tool has done his work well. McDooku's has strayed too far along the path of healthy reighteousness. Whatever happened to the old, brutal, - heehee - cholesterol-loving Darth Tyrannus will not happen again. Jar Jar Binks will rule the fast food empires of the galaxy as my puppet, while I can live in comfort here on Coruscant, stuffing - heehooha - roadkill to my heart's content (the trick is to wait until it has festered for at least a week - and my relatives call me insane). Soon, Qui-Gon and my infernal nephew Jawajuice will lose their brownie empire and- oh, bugger. They read this blog, don't they? Hmph. Well, I won't reveal any more of my - teeheehee - *brilliantly* maniacal plan here! I'll just leave my old master to his work... heehee!

*He retreats back into the shadows, and Jar Jar wakes up suddenly, oblivious to all that has happened*

*Phew*... mesa hassen berry bombad headache... mesa needen panadol...


Anonymous jawajuice said...

Okay, that does it!
QG, time to circle the wagons!
It's time I took care of my crazy uncle once and for all...
It's release the frogs!!!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Nu Skin said...

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7:18 PM  
Blogger jedisiri said...


3:55 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Jar Jar! Get to work! Enough of this potato stuff.

3:56 AM  
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