Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mebbe thissen a bad idea

Mesa noah sure why Bojaa insisted dat removen der air conditioner would taken a handheld blaster cannon, but hesa der mechanic, noah mesa! Mesa a terribible mechanic. Hassen mesa ever tellen yousa about der time mesa flooden Otoh Gunga? Or crashen Boss Nass's heyblibber? Mesa gotta tellen yousa about thassen sometime.

Anyway, mesa figuren dat noah air conditioning issen better dan an air conditioner thassen tryen to killen mesa. So, under Bojaa's orders, mesa blowen itsa up. Der problem bein dat mesa kitchen now openen onto a major skyway, and mesa fridge issen leeken coolant directly out of der building.

*Apparantly*, issen illegal under Coruscant law to haven a kitchen with a hole leaden out of der building, because some of der motorists could be offended by der sight of mesa dinner. Der punishment issen community service: preparen a free meal for anyone whosa driven past mesa apartment in der time before der hole issen fixen. Strange law, mesa tinks. So, after mesa firen Bojaa and getten a new mechanic to replacen mesa air conditioner, mesa gonna haven to maken lots of food.


Blogger Chancellor Palpatine said...

Jar-Jar...my boy...you have been duped. Did you get the badge number of the policeman that told you that?

BTW, I'll be by later and I would like some sliced ewok on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato...and some chips...oh and a diet soda.

1:28 AM  

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