Monday, October 10, 2005

Conisseur of Baths

Mesa hassen hiren a real hardware guy to install a new air conditioner, next mesa needen a new bath. Right now, mesa only hassen a hole in der floor right above old Mrs Strudleheimen's washing machine downstairs. Mesa could take a bath with hersa laundry... but mesa tinken thassen a bad idea.

Now, mesa old bath wassen a wonder of high-techiness. Itsa could regulaten der temperature to within 0.1 degrees, and der pH to within 0.5 as well. Itsa could adden perfume to der water as well, but thassen only for special occaisions. Mesa goin' to der furniture district today, and mesa finden dat theresa issen noah actually any bath shops on Coruscant. Yousa can buyen baths from der general furniture shops, but theysa only sellen cruddy baths. Theysa issen just porcelain boxes with one tap each (one of themsa wassen a barrel with a showerhead glued to itsa - berry economic, sayen der shopkeeper).

Mesa needen a bath specialist (mesa old bath wassen a birthday present from mesa cousin, Jug Jug). So, mesa consulten der Yellow Pages. After mesa fingers had doin der walken for a little while, theysa getten tired so mesa letten mesa tongue do der walken. Anway, mesa finden dat dere issen one bath specialist - on der other side of Coruscant. Apparently, issen noah a berry lucrative business. So, mesa goin over theresa for der day.

Mesa finden dat thissen Mon Calimari bath salesmen had baths of every shape and size... and hesa had a bath dat wassen identical to mesa bath! Mesa asken where hesa getten itsa. Hesa pointen at a badge on hissen chest - "Honorary member of the Followers of Ol' Fluke" - and sayen dat some of hissen FOOF buddies hassen given itsa to him cheap, den hesa fixen itsa up like new.

Itsa wassen noah jussen identical to mesa old bath, itsa WASSEN mesa old bath! Mesa explainen thissen to himsa, but hesa noah listenen. So, mesa haven to payen 1000 credits jussen to get back mesa own bath.