Sunday, October 09, 2005


Senator Padme always complainen about beaurocrats. Shesa tinken theysa gummen up der political process like peanut butter. Or mebbe someting stronger, like superglue. Hmm. Thissen interesten, mesa will experimenten on thissen later.

Anyway, today mesa meeten one. Hesa wassen a twi'lek, with lots and lots of files and folders tucked under his arms. Hesa even usen hissen lekku to holden some forms. Hesa tellen mesa about hissen job. Every week, hesa mussen maken a report about Senator Padme's office, senden one copy back to ussen, one to Naboo, one to der supreme chancellor, make one more copy and shreaden itsa, keepen one copy and hiden itsa where noahone will ever finden itsa, and senden one copy to der Senator from Malastare (hesa noah knowen why, but hesa doin itsa anyway). Each one has to be stamped five times, but (hesa sayen) sometimes for a laugh (noah asken mesa) hesa stamps der one for der Malastare Senator six times. Hesa wierd.

And der tings in der report - well. Hesa sayen theresa issen noahting there. At der top of der page issen a heading - "Health and Safety Report - Naboo Senator's Office", and den noahting else on der page. Hesa sayen dat dere issen some forms dat hesa issen supposen to copy onto der report, but hesa never getten these forms - but itsa noah matteren, because noahone ever sayen anyting about itsa. Hesa sayen issen mesa job to fill out der forms and senden dem to himsa. Oh, those forms, mesa wassen jussen getten to those... *Picks up a form* Thissen one issen from... April last year. Hmm. Oh, forgetten itsa.


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