Saturday, September 03, 2005

Der Repo Department Striken Back!

A couple of weeks ago, wesa wassen stayen at Watto's hotel as a reward for a challenge on Survivor: Tatooine. Issen wassen muy muy luxurious. Anyway, mesa wassen adheren here to der ancient Nubian/Gungan custom of freeloaden. Der principle issen dat yousa can taken anyting complementary out of a hotel and keepen itsa as yousa own. Der *art* issen in yousa creative definitions of "complementary" - mesa personal favorite issen "anyting in a hotel thassen noah nailed down".
Of course, Watto issen berry cheap.

Today, two berry big toydarians came by oursa cave. Theysa sayen theysa wassen from Watto, and dat theysa were goin' to taken back all der stuff mesa taken from der hotel. Ulp. Mesa sayen mesa noah knowen what theysa were talken about. Den, theysa showen mesa a security camera photo of mesa, carryen all der stuff mesa nicken from der hotel. Theysa sayen dat theysa had a list of all der stuff, but theysa could noah bringen itsa because issen too long to carryen. Thissen *usually* bad.

Mesa hassen two days to returnen itsa all. But mesa can noah rememberen everyting! And mesa mussen have taken seven thousand packets of neutrogena to helpen mesa last in der desert sun - mesa hassen almost none left!


Blogger General Grievous said...

You didn't get the oil I asked you for did you Jar Jar? *cough*

10:45 AM  

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