Sunday, August 21, 2005

Preparen for der duel

Mesa hassen gotten mesaself into a fight! Yarael Poof der Voodoo Jedi issen claimen dat hissen voodoo issen der best kind of magic in der galaxy. Mesa will noah standen for thissen! Mesa mussen standen up for der ancient Gungan shamanistic traditions!
So, mesa goin to der Mos Eisly market to getten ingredients for mesa nasty potions. But while mesa dere, someting strange happenen...

Jar Jar walks down an alley, carrying a bagful of herbs and potion ingredients. As he passes by a shadowed doorway, a figure cloaked in black steps out.
Mysterious Man: You there, I would have a word with you.
Jar Jar (looks round, confused): Mesa?
Mysterious Man: - What does the moron mean, is there anyone else around? - Yes, you, sir. You are fighting a duel against the voodoo master Yarael Poof, are you not?
Jar Jar: Yah! Mesa gonna muy muy pasten himsa! Issen noah a fight to der death, but hesa will wishen itsa issen!
Mysterious Man: Well, take this. (hands Jar Jar a corked bottle filled with a purple liquid) This should ensure your victory if you drink it at the right moment.
Jar Jar: Er... tanken yousa! (puts the bottle in his bag) Bye bye now!
Mysterious Man: Yes, farewell. (exit Jar Jar, the cloaked man laughs and lowers his hood)
Palpatine: All too easy.


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Blogger Leia said...

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Blogger Leia said...

Ahahahaha... wum.

12:02 PM  
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