Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dissen why mesa haten convenience stores

Noah getten mesa wrong - convenience stores issen berry... uh... convenient. Especially on Naboo, where der nearest supermarket issen always at least 2 km away through der swampy. But on Coruscant...
Here, dere issen shops for everything. But, since dere issen so many different shops, dere issen berry few places where yousa can buyen *everyting*. Dere issen one just down der street from mesa apartment. But now, just when mesa kitchen hassen boomed and mesa can noah cook anyting, der convenience store issen shut. Der owner issen on holiday.
Now, mesa hassen to go to der lower levels to getten milk, cereal, bread, everyting. Dat issen where der nearest other convenience store issen. It took mesa so long yesterday, mesa had no time to post.

Dere issen someting wierd goin on down dere... mesa might checken itsa out tomorrow.